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1 Freeze leftovers, take away food and fresh products that you are not going to eat before they spoil .

2 Use food waste as fertilizer, you will recycle nutrients and lessen the effects of

climate change .

3 Turn off the lights you do not need, use natural daylight and unplug electrical

household appliances when you are not using them.

4 Fill up your washing mashing and forget the clothes dryer. Better in the open air!

5 Don’t spend moret than 5 or 10 minutes showering. No more full bathtubs!! Use

water moderatly and and repare any leak! Use flow reducer in all taps.

6 Buy products with little packaging or buy in bulk and take your own tupper or jar

to fill in. Reduce plastic package! Use paper bag or reusable cotton bag for


7 Don’t rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

8 Avoid preheating the oven unless it is essential.

9 Insulate windows and doors, and adjust the thermostat for summer and winter.

10 Download electricity , water and telephone bills etc..for the internet and ask to

go paper-free.

11 Replace old electrical household appliances with other more energy efficient.

12 Reduce meat and fish consumption. Buy fruit and vegetables of the season.

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